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Unbreak your habits

Covid-19 requires us to make changes in our attitudes. As of today we are happy to welcome you in safe conditions in the practice house, but also online and by phone the counseling remains a option.

Being human means having certain attitudes. These habits may or may not be addictive. To be sure: changing behaviour is not easy for any of us. This can go from a morning ritual with lots of coffee and without breakfast, procrastination, too little exercise, and much more...

Even though there are certain situations in which a behavioural change is desired or even essential, no one likes to change. For some people it is more easy than for others. It does require a minimum of effort for all of us.

Imagine you get a specific diagnosis that requires you to change some of your habits. It is also possible that a certain situation has occurred in your life, positive or negative, and this requires a number of changes.

How are you going to deal with all this, where do you find the motivation and the energy to succeed in this behavioral change.

By breaking with your habits, your transition coach will be happy to help you.

We will look for your motivation to take this step together. Step by step we uncover the intrinsic motivation and we will strengthen it. We will also provide you with the necessary handholds and suitable tools that work for you.

We will strengthen your knowledge and ability to handle all this.

Consultation by appointment: Catherine Meurisse 0468/11.35.18

Rate: 50€/hour

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