Smoking cessation support by a recognized tobaccologist

Addiction or dependence starts when you can no longer stop consuming a certain substance, while knowing that it is harmful to your health.

Of all consumer products recognized as addictive, the use of tobacco  is the most important, before alcohol, heroin and cocaine.

At first, smoking can give you a good feeling. Unfortunately, this feeling is soon replaced by the sole feeling of loss between two cigarettes.

Nicotine is the main cause of that addiction. Other chemicals that are sometimes added to tobacco, such as ammonia, enhance this effect.

The RIZIV/INAMI reimburses smoking cessation support. This support increases the success of effective smoking cessation.

Is the answer on 1 or more of the following questions “YES”? 

Contact your tobaccologist:

Catherine Meurisse on 0468/11.35.18

  • Does smoking feel like a restriction of your freedom?
  • Did you try to quit smoking and was it more challenging than expected?
  • Do you have health problems that require a smoking cessation?
  • Would your peers like you to stop smoking?
  • Or are there other reasons?                          

Individual counselling sessions take place in the Senses practice house in Lier, Hofstraat 14, by appointment only. As a result of Covid-19, these consultations are and will continue to be possible by telephone or online if required. From 4 May we also welcome you back in very safe conditions in practice.

Smoking cessation guidance of teenagers and adolescents by use of the Smartstop app is also offered. More information via:


Senses Praktijkhuis Lier Rookstop

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”
Bob Marley

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