Motivational Interview

Motivational Interview has its origin in the problems of addiction, where they were proved to be very effective. The last few years, motivational interviewing has become increasingly widespread both within and outside the healthcare sector. These specific interview techniques help to detect the ambivalence in the face of change. Then the  client is empathetically guided towards behavioural change.

This style of conversation assumes that behaviour change will only be successful if people want to change themselves.

Motivational Interview reduces resistance, and reinforces the intrinsic motivation for change. Motivational Interview is an evidence-based method in the healthcare sector.

Motivational  Interview originated in the eighties of the last century. The founders of this method are William Miller and Stephen Rollnick. They did research in addiction care, published on the subject and applied their method.

In this course we learn how to conduct a "Brief Motivational Interview".

After this training, you are able to have a conversation style, which is aimed at cooperation and consequently strengthens their own motivation and willingness to change.

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