"The pharmacy journey" for pharmaceutical representatives.

The pharmacist's responsibilities are not getting any easier. The number of magistral preparations is increasing again, and the large number of missing medicines causes a lot of frustration, not only among patients. And what else?  What does a busy working day in a pharmacy look like?

Whether you are a provider of OTC products, cosmetics, bandagisterie, software, pharmacy equipment ... what is more pleasant for the customer than a supplier who can empathize with his/her situation.

From her experience as a pharmacist, Catherine Meurisse takes you on a virtual tour behind the scenes of the pharmacy. This way, your pharmaceutical representatives get a better understanding of their customers, the pharmacists. In addition, the techniques of conversational intelligence will teach you how to tailor the conversations even better to the needs of the customer.

At the end of this training, you will be able to empathise with the pharmacy world and adapt the content and message to the prospect/customer in an empathetic way.

This training is given by a pharmacist, with knowledge and experience from every side of the counter: the work in the pharmacy, the job as a sales representative and even experience from the buyer side at the pharmaceutical wholesaler.

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