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your performance, our passion

Exploring together about your motivation for making this change.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, we were forced to change a lot of our daily routines and habits. Over the past year, we have all been confronted with change. It is obvious that this is not that easy.

Even without this type of pandemic, each of us will have to undergo a change of behavior from time to time.

Quit smoking is an example of this. However, many of us have already experienced that it is a challenge. Quitting smoking with support is 4 times more successful in getting over it permanently. If you want to learn more about this, surf to the page quit smoking. As a tobacco therapist and ex-smoker I will coach you with a lot of enthusiasm towards a non-smoking life.

Furthermore, we accompany and coach you towards any kind of behavioral change. 

Both individuals and companies can request these services. 

Under the slogan "your performance, our passion", Meurisse Efficiency Clinic strives to guide people in their personal and professional growth. In an ever-changing world we constantly encounter resistance, both in ourselves and in others. Helping people in an inspiring way to turn such resistance into driving convictions in order to get the best out of themselves is the mission of Meurisse Efficiency Clinic.


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